Harry Fairbairn (Irvine)
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Harry Fairbairn (Irvine)

Harry Fairbairn Irvine BMW Showroom
Ayr Road
KA12 8BZ
Tel:01294 849 438


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"Our sales exec Paul was very helpful and kept us informed throughout the process from ordering to build and delivery. A very positive experience with no pressure and good attention to detail."

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"they can not do enough for me when i am there. i am still assessing the vehicle."

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BMW 3 Series Coupe
As if you need another incentive to buy a New BMW.
Close-up picture showing dashboard controls.
Looking for care free driving. BMW Service Inclusive prices starting from £375.
Providing a tailored service to companies and businesses in the West Of Scotland.
BMW 3 Series Convertible
We will be happy to assist you with any product enquiries or questions you may have.